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Uplifting Ceremonies With Aroha

Uplifting Ceremonies With Aroha

Emotions will be flowing when you lose a loved one, grief is a rollercoaster.

When we meet it is a time to introduce each other and for you to introduce me to your loved one. It is a special time to share your loved ones life and story with me, one which I hope you can look back on with fondness.

There will no doubt be tears and laughter as we bond together while you reminisce and I start to form a picture of them. I will help guide you through the ceremony process in a kind and caring way, as we work together to create a ceremony that fits for you and your loved one.

When it comes to presenting the ceremony I take pride in my appearance, presentation and delivery of the service.

Although it may be sad saying goodbye, I inspire happiness, optimism, hope and comfort throughout the ceremony with love, affection and sympathy.

Uplifting Ceremonies With Aroha

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